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Up to 2000 people

CanvasHotel has enough tents to accommodate 2000 people, 800 of them can enjoy true luxury.

Full decoration

We provide all furniture, lighting and decoration needed to keep you comfortable.

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Short or long events

No matter how long you are planning to accommodate guests,
a CanvasHotel can stay up as long as you'd need to.

Private Parties


Bridal suits

It's your big day, so we'll make sure that everything is as you had it in mind.
A fully personalized bride suite is one of our specialties.

For all your guests

Nothing hurts more than seeing your guests leave early. So keep them at the party for a while longer and enjoy each others company.

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Unique locations

There's no place too crazy for a CanvasHotel.
It's our goal to provide accommodation at the most beautiful places in the world.

Corporate Events


Team building

No better way to bond with colleagues than go camping together in a cozy setting.

Prolong your event

A corporate event tends to end rather fast when everyone needs to go home for a night sleep. Keep the good vibes up and accommodate everyone on site.

Group activities

Do you want to save some money and have a group activity? Set up the whole camp yourself, with your colleagues.

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